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Due to the current occasion

The corona crisis has come to such a head in recent weeks, and especially in the last few days, that we are all already living with extensive restrictions to contain it. First of all - and this is currently the most important point - we hope that you and your relatives are in good health. The health of our customers, sales partners and our employees in Germany and Thailand is our top priority!

The Befeni face mask, when worn, is designed to reduce the spread of droplets when breathing, speaking as well as coughing, thus helping to contain the coronavirus. You can choose from over 70 fabric patterns and order your face mask to match your custom-made shirt. It is made of high quality, double-layer textile fabrics, which makes it completely washable.

Possible design examples

Donation check handover

Smiling faces behind the two Befeni face masks as Befeni Managing Director Maik Ernst hands over a donation check for corona research to the Essen University Medical Foundation.

Befeni donates a sum of EUR 90,000 from the sale of face masks. Jorit Ness, Managing Director of the University Medicine Foundation, thanks for the commitment and the voluntary donation: „This instant help is great – Thank you very much for supporting our initiative, with which we can jointly counteract the current crisis.“

V.l.n.r. Maik Ernst, Managing Director of Befeni by Team 111 GmbH, Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Jöckel, Chairman of the Executive Board of Foundation Universitätsmedizin Essen, Simon Wittig, Press spokesman of Befeni by Team 111 GmbH, Prof. Dr. Jochen A. Werner, Medical Director and Chairman of the Executive Board of Essen University Hospital

About the Foundation Universitätsmedizin Essen

Promoting health together. Under this guiding principle, the University Medicine Foundation realizes important funding projects and pioneering ideas in the field of university medicine in order to ensure innovative research and teaching as well as patient care that goes beyond pure basic medical care..

Corona research at Essen University Hospital in German-Chinese cooperation

Since many years, the Institute of Virology and the Department of Infectious Diseases at the University Medical Center Essen have been working closely and trustfully with the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Union Hospital in Wuhan. In 2017, a joint research laboratory was established in Wuhan – where the first case of disease with COVID-19 became known.

Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, the Chinese researchers have collected numerous clinical data and samples from sick people and recorded them in a structured way. These are thus more extensive than in other countries. The task now is to jointly evaluate the data and samples available at the research laboratory in Wuhan. Because these have got enormous potential to provide important insights into the coronavirus. The information gained, in turn, also benefits German patients.

Personal statement about the donation amount of Befeni founder Maik Ernst